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Editorial: Holiday shopping

Supporting local will undoubtedly be a challenge this year.
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Amid the daily chaos brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be easy to forget Christmas is just a few weeks away and the holiday shopping season has technically begun. In our newsroom, those of us that will be exchanging gifts with family and friends have already started making our purchases.

We want to join our voices to the chorus urging you to make an extra effort to support small, local businesses this holiday season. It's no secret the pandemic has been devastating small businesses, many of whom face daily challenges just to stay open.

Supporting local will undoubtedly be extra challenging this year. Currently, retail stores are only allowed to operate at 25 per cent capacity. Those Christmas markets that haven't been cancelled face similar restrictions, which could make for long lines and lengthy shopping trips. If you find yourself isolating or quarantining, it can be tempting to buy all your gifts with a few keystrokes on your computer. It is certainly more convenient than grabbing your mask and waiting in the long holiday lines. Still, we implore our readers to put in the extra effort.

The truth is, without your dollars, the shops and businesses unique to Airdrie would not survive this pandemic. While it is undoubtedly easier and more convenient to shop online, it could be more costly in the long run. Some local long-time businesses have already shuttered this year, and more of the businesses that make Airdrie distinct may not survive long into 2021 without your patronage.

So, stuff your stockings with gift cards to local restaurants. Find something for the gift exchange at locally-owned shops. If you have something specific in mind, consult social media groups like Shop Local: Airdrie to find out where you can find it in town. Purchase your holiday feast and treats from local butchers, bakers and stores. If you can't leave your 凯发真人试玩首页home, get a friend or family member to make the rounds to pick up your gifts.


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